Henry at Swans game July 2013

Watching an AFL footy game at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

When I was a young man of 23 years of age I went on a trip to the UK and did some travelling through Europe on a shoestring budget.  I spent most of my time in the UK doing all types of different jobs to get by as I went on my journey to achieve my dreams.

When I returned to Australia after being overseas for five years, I had to start again and find new career opportunities. I then sought out some self help books to help me find a way to improve my prospects.  In the process I wrote out a lot of messages which I read out to myself each day.  This is how I turned things around.

I have been involved in the running of small businesses for most of my working life.  The small businesses I successfully owned and operated were in three different industries.  These experiences have given me a number of insights in creating and running a profitable and thriving business.  I found listening to inspiration quotes and stories helped to keep me moving forward and find a way to deal with the obstacles and challenges that arise from the peaks and valleys one experiences in business.

One of the additional things I did to stay positive was to read these inspirational messages out loud on a regular basis. Recently, it occurred to me that these messages would be very motivating and helpful if they were read out with inspirational music playing in the background.

It was with this thought in mind that I have come up with a selection of inspirational quotes, a lot of these quotes I have found helpful and insightful over the years.

I hope the quotes that I have narrated can provide some inspiration to some people out there that are looking for a quick way to reactivate and consolidate positive thoughts and stay motivated.

I believe the best value can be obtained by listening to the quotes on a regular basis whilst
travelling in the car or at the start of the day in the morning.